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Dadri Mela in Ballia

India is an agricultural country and hence people of Ballia too are dependent on their crops and cattle for the survival. It is very important for them to have good quality cattle and yield better quality crops year after year. This improvement in quality has a direct impact on their day-to-day lives. Looking this perspective in mind, people of Ballia celebrate a festival called as, ‘Dadri Mela.’ This is one of the most important festivals for the entire district.

Dadri Mela in Ballia Location

Purpose of Dadri Mela

The main purpose of Dadri Mela is to trade in livestock or cattle. The fair is not only popular amongst the people in Ballia but it is one of the largest cattle fair in the world. The fair is divided into two phases; in the first phase trade of livestock or cattle takes place and in the second phase cultural programs are held by the locals to see and enjoy. Here traders from all over the world come with their families to participate in this fair. In the second phase of the fair, various amusement and other facilities are set up for the people to enjoy. Various shopping hats are also displayed and people from nearby villages come to sell their products here.

It is said that this fair is held in the honour of Dadar Muni, disciple of Saint Bhrigu. It is believed that Dadar Muni bought the River Saryu to Ballia after receiving the orders from his guru, Saint Bhrigu. This auspicious thing was celebrated for one month and hence the tradition is still in place.

Ballia Dadri Mela

Dadri Mela Location

The festival is held at a place called Dadri. Dadri is about five kilometres from Ballia railway station. The main starting point of this fair is the well known Bhrigu ashram which is built in the honour of Dadar Muni, one of the disciples of saint Bhrigu.

Dadri Mela is held during the onset of Kartik Poornima which generally falls in the months of October or November. This annual fair is a month long fair. Ideally, the fair starts ten days before Kartik Poornima and the first phase of exchanging the cattle happens in this phase. On the day of Kartik Poornima the fair is open for all to enjoy. Many cultural activities and festivities take place in day. The second phase of the fair is mostly enjoyed by the people of Ballia and nearby villages.

If anyone plans to visit Ballia during this time then a visit to Dadri fair should be a must.

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